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We have created an hour and a half original score to the 1922 German Expressionist classic Nosferatu... refusing to listen to any previous versions, they delve deep into the unknown with only a rough compass of ambiguous shadows and insomniac jazz for inspiration. What emerges we hope is a dynamic, emotionally rich and gripping soundscape, with an aspiration to reinforce Ellen's Necessity to the narrative, and draw out some of the more subtle themes present in this classic silent film.

My Octopus Mind's soundtrack to Nosferatu is so well conceived, played and synchronised to the film that you assume it's exactly what Murnau had in mind all along.''  - Kino-Teatr, St Leonards


"We were delighted to welcome a fresh and exciting take on silent film accompaniment from My Octopus Mind. Their chilling score to Nosferatu was a genuinely captivating and unforgettable cinema experience. Highly recommended."  - Curzon cinema, Clevedon

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