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New Album "Maladyne Cave" out now

We are Super Excited to finally be releasing our Debut Album "Maladybe Cave"

“Maladyne Cave” is a cohesive album of depth and intrigue. Its breadth is challenging at times but remains compelling and evocative. - SoundBlab "The deep sounding double bass was enough to make my head vibrate and I slowly started to wonder if I had been drugged" - Bucket List

Available on all streaming platforms but if you want to help us out and own a copy with tasty artwork by Naomi Larh head over to

Up coming dates

10th July - The Louisiana - Bristol 24th August - Shambala Festival - UK 5th September - The Canteen - Bristol 27th November - Lille - France 28th November -Troyes - France 29th November - Luxembourg 30th November - Hannut - Belgium 1st December - Brighton - UK

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