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T H E   C R E A T O R

'The show takes place in the really beautifully designed laboratory of the crazy ringleader. As it’s revealed for the first time, we find as its centrepiece: “My Octopus Mind”, in my eyes, one of the most creatively exciting unsigned bands in Bristol currently. The show then picks up in pace as the ringleader desperately attempts to use his evil brand of  ‘science’ to create the perfect circus show. It’s entertaining, well thought out, and at times beautiful.' 

- Jake Chapman, Helios Studio -

‘Get your tickets people! Even turned a non-circus person into a complete convert. Amazing show, brilliant story and fantastic performers.’ 

-Nelly Fou

‘Absolutely Fabulous!!! Well done & a MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ALL WHO MADE IT COME TRUE!!! Loved it & can’t wait to see what you create next!! My son was still reenacting his favourite bits on the way to school this morning! :)’ 

-Ben Davey

'The Creator is an example of what we all like to think Bristol’s artistic and cultural scene is capable of.'

-Jake Chapman


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